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Let's test the default configuration of ThreadPoolTaskExecutor, which defines a corePoolSize of one thread, an unbounded maxPoolSize, and an unbounded queueCapacity Tomcat defaults these to 25 and 200, respectively. In this configuration, we've made the thread pool a bit smaller than the default. 3.1. Embedded Tomcat. Similarly, we Exploring the configuration options of the Spring ThreadPoolTaskExecutor. Configuration. The default configuration of the Spring ThreadPoolTaskExecutor is Totally we have 150 threads. Pool size will be increased until maximum pool size for each thread over 150. Maximum Pool Size : Maximum pool size defines In the second experiment we leave the thread pool size at one while the number of concurrent client requests is bumped up to 10. As expected, CPU utilization didn't

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Main Thread: main -- calling doSomething(1) 20 times --fallback, thread: pool-1-thread-10 input:10, exception:java.util.concurrent.RejectedExecutionException: this will be a behaviour change and potentially may break existing code, because if the tasks are scheduled recursively (a task submitted to the elastic scheduler A typical servlet container will use one or more thread pools to handle a request. In particular one of the thread pools is used to execute the Spring MVC part Thread pool and Timer in Spring Boot. Thread pool and Timer in Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a Java framework that can accomplish many functions with

ThreadPoolTaskExecutor는 이름에서 알 수 있듯이 스레드 풀을 사용하는 Executor입니다. 상위 인터페이스를 확인해 보면 java.util.concurrent.Executor를 Spring에서 구현한 것을 확인할 수 있습니다. 이 스레드 풀을 사용할 때 설정에 몇 가지 주의점이 自定义Configuration. 第一步:创建一个ThreadPoolConfig 先只配置一个线程池,并设置拒绝策略为CallerRunsPolicy. @Configuration public class ThreadPoolConfig { @ Bean(taskExecutor) public Executor 首先配置下 ThreadPoolTaskExecutor: threadpool: core-pool-size: 10 max-pool-size: 20 queue-capacity: 1000 keep-alive-seconds: 600 这个是放在配置文件里的参数; 接下来看配置类: package You can also use the <threadPool> tag in Spring XML to create a specific thread pool (ExecutorService).Notice that any options you do not explicit define, will

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Maximum number of threads in Spring Boot Application. The first thing to be aware is that you are dealing with a limited number of threads. If you are using [Spring Boot] @Scheduled のスレッドプールサイズでハマった話 SpringBoot @Scheduled Spring Boot でタスクを定期実行するには @Scheduled を指定するのが手軽で良い Spring Boot线程调度有以下几个参数可以配置(2.1版本之后才有): spring.task.execution.pool.core-size # 核心线程数,默认为8 spring.task.execution.pool.queue-capacity # 队列容量,默认为无限大

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Scheduling Spring Boot Tasks, Task scheduling is frequently used in web applications to execute Spring Boot provides multiple ways to schedule tasks. You can either use @Scheduled annotation or use a custom thread pool to run your tasks any method you want to schedule and set the time it should execute. thread.pool.size=10. Scheduler is running. Thread pool in spring boot application is possible with some configuration in application properties. In Spring boot main thread which starts with the 1. main() function of 1 @SpringBootApplication, and at the same time, we can write our own threads OR its internal servlet does the things for us. Each service request in spring boot gets a new thread allocated to execute. And this is called. If the pool size reaches the maximumPoolSize, use RejectedExecutionHandler to do rejection processing //When the number of threads in the pool is greater than corePoolSize, the extra threads will wait for a long time for keepAliveTime, and will be destroyed if there is no request to process @Override @Bean public Executor getAsyncExecutor () {ThreadPoolTaskExecutor threadPool = new. Spring Boot; Dark Mode; Related Tutorials. Previous Next . Home / Java / Multi-threading / Fixed size thread pool executor. Java Fixed Size Thread Pool Executor Example. Last Modified: August 27, 2020. In previous tutorial, we learned about basic thread pool executor with unlimited possible number of threads into the pool and it's example usage. Now lets look example of fixed size thread.

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Throughput equals = thread pool size/response time. If we have 1000 threads and 5s delay than throughput is 200 requests/sec. CPU again is low and service has enough resource for processing. Option 2: DeferredResult or CompletableFurure with Servlet (Non-Blocking) As you may know, Servlet 3.1 supports asynchronous processing. To have it working we need just return some promise and Servlet will. By default spring delegates the task scheduling to ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor implementation with pool size one. In this example we will override the default single sized thread pool executor with the a thread pool executor of size ten. We just need to include a bean of class ThreadPoolTaskScheduler This article shows how to develop and monitor Thread Pool Services by using Spring. Creating Thread Pool has been explained via two alternative methods. Used Technologies : JDK 1.6.0_21 Spring 3.0. In the example above, we created an executor service with a fixed thread pool of size 2. A fixed thread pool is a very common type of thread pool that is frequently used in multi-threaded applications. In a fixed thread-pool, the executor service makes sure that the pool always has the specified number of threads running. If any thread dies due. In Spring Boot, @Autowired a javax.sql.DataSource, and you will know which database connection pool is using in the current running application. 1. Test Default. Spring Boot example to print a javax.sql.DataSource. Read this official Spring Boot doc - Connection to a production database, to understand the algorithm for choosing a DataSource.

Also any app that manages its own thread pool (not uncommon in real life Spring applications) will incur an additional non-heap memory penalty for the threads it needs. Rule of Thumb Process Sizes A very rough estimate for actual memory usage would be the heap size plus 20 times the stack size (for the 20 threads typical in a servlet container), plus a bit, so maybe 40MB per process in our. spring-metrics supports both cumulative and non-cumulative (normal) histograms and provides a set of generators for each. DistributionSummary hist = meterRegistry.summaryBuilder ( hist ) .histogram (CumulativeHistogram.buckets (linear ( 0, 10, 20 ))) .create () In this post we will be discussing about spring boot asynchronous execution support using async task executor feature to execute task in a different thread. We will take a look into configuring SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor, ConcurrentTaskExecutor, ThreadPoolExecutor in a spring project. Apart from this, we will be also looking into how actual method return type can be wrapped in a Future object. In this article, You'll learn how to schedule tasks in Spring Boot using @Scheduled annotation. You'll also learn how to use a custom thread pool for executing all the scheduled tasks. The @Scheduled annotation is added to a method along with some information about when to execute it, and Spring Boot takes care of the rest Thread pool and Timer in Spring Boot. Thread pool and Timer in Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a Java framework that can accomplish many functions with just a few configurations. For example, if you want a thread pool, you only need two steps: 1. Annotate the Application main class at the application entrance @EnableScheduling @SpringBootApplication @EnableScheduling public class DemoApplication.

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The rules for the size of a ThreadPoolExecutor's pool are generally miss-understood, because it doesn't work the way that you think it ought to or in the way that you want it to.. Take this example. Starting thread pool size is 1, core pool size is 5, max pool size is 10 and the queue is 100. Sun's way: as requests come in threads will be created up to 5, then tasks will be added to the queue. Multi-Threading in Spring Boot using CompletableFuture. Multi-threading is similar to multitasking, but enables the processing of executing multiple threads simultaneously, rather than multiple processes. The CompletableFuture, was introduced in Java 8, provides an easy way to write asynchronous, non-blocking and multi-threaded code

Spring Boot 1 use the tomcat JDBC connection pool. Spring Boot automatically add dependency to = 10 #minimum number of idle connections maintained by HikariCP in a connection pool spring.datasource.hikari.maximum-pool-size= 10 #maximum pool size spring.datasource.hikari.idle-timeout=10000 #maximum idle time for connection spring.datasource.hikari.max-lifetime= 1000 # maximum lifetime in. camel.springboot.route-controller-thread-pool-size. The number of threads used by the route controller scheduled thread pool that are used for restarting routes. The pool uses 1 thread by default, but you can increase this to allow the controller to concurrently attempt to restart multiple routes in case more than one route has problems starting. 1. Integer. camel.springboot.route-controller. Maximum number of threads in Spring Boot Application. The first thing to be aware is that you are dealing with a limited number of threads. If you are using Tomcat as your embedded server (default), then you can use the property server.tomcat.max-threads to control how many threads you want to allow. This is set to 0 by default which means- use the Tomcat default which is 200. It is important. 这样可以动态增加和缩小线程池 spring.task.execution.pool.allow-core-thread-timeout=true # 核心线程池大小 默认 8 spring.task.execution.pool.core-size=8 # 线程空闲等待时间 默认 60s spring.task.execution.pool.keep-alive=60s # 线程池最大数 根据任务定制 spring.task.execution.pool.max-size= # 线程池.

When you want to figure out how much threads you can assign to the job executor thread pool ((1)) Start with the number of threads = CPU cores * 1.5. Increase queue size stepwise until there is no gain in throughput any more because all threads are busy waiting for i/o . Now increase worker threads and afterward queue size and always check that this improves throughput. Whenever you. Thread pool configuration spring boot In the older version of Spring Boot 1.x before Spring Boot 2.0 release, we need not to include tomcat-jdbc in pom.xml or build.gradle ourselves because spring-boot-starter-jdbc and spring-boot-starter-data-jpa resolve it by default. Tomcat Connection Pool Configurations For the Tomcat connection pool configuration, we enable it by using spring.datasource.type and assigning it fully qualified. We can set the core pool size along with the maximum pool size. Based on these values, it can automatically adjust the pool size. When a new task is submitted, if the running threads are fewer than core pool size, a new thread is created for the new task always even if a worker thread is idle. If the running threads are more than core pool size and less than maximum pool size, they create only. How to prepare your Spring Boot application for production and how to guarantee that it will be able to handle a couple of millions of views each day. If you think that you have already made all the needed steps by making your application stateless, scaling it out or running it on the high end machine, think twice because it's quite likely that there are some bottlenecks inside your.

In our Spring Boot JDBC Connection Pool example, we will learn how to implement Connection Pool using Apache commons dbcp2. Connection pooling addresses the above problem by creating the connection pool and maintaining the connection objects. Whenever the user request for the data, the idle connection in the connection pool will be used to. Spring Cloud - Circuit Breaker Hystrix, Changing Default Thread Pool Properties. By using hystrix.threadpool.default.<propertyName>=value in the application properties which will change the property on default level Previous: Thread Pool Settings; Next: Connector Connection Pool Settings; JDBC Connection Pool Settings. For optimum performance of database-intensive applications, tune the JDBC Connection Pools managed by the Application Server. These connection pools maintain numerous live database connections that can be reused to reduce the overhead of opening and closing database connections. This.

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Tomcat thread pool size spring boot; Tomcat thread pool size spring boot. Daisar | Oct 2, 2012 | 1 Comment Donate : Link. Medium Blog : Link. Applications : Link. The Scheduled annotation is added to a method along with some information about when to execute it, and Spring Boot takes care of the rest. Spring Boot internally uses the TaskScheduler interface for scheduling the annotated methods. Thread pool 설정. 기본적으로 모든 @Scheduled 작업은 Spring에 의해 생성 된 한개의 스레드 풀에서 실행된다. 그렇기 때문에 하나의 Scheduled이 돌고 있다면 그것이 다 끝나야 다음 Scheduled이 실행되는 문제가 있다. 실제로 로그를 보면 같은 쓰레드로 확인 될 것이다 So when there are lots of calls for B, the application can still handle service A in a different pool from B. Thread: taskExecutor-9 running task 7. 3. Spring Boot rather injects the component (i.e. If you have questions about registering custom metrics, please follow-up on StackOverflow or come chat with the community on Gitter. The default configuration is a core pool size of 1, with. It provides a fixed-size pool of threads that 'live' the lifetime of the Scheduler. org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount. Can be any positive integer, although you should realize that only numbers between 1 and 100 are very practical. This is the number of threads that are available for concurrent execution of jobs. If you only have a few jobs that fire a few times a day, then 1 thread is.

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  1. Thread pool configuration spring boot. This chapter is a configuration manual for ElasticJob-Lite, which can also be referred to as a dictionary if necessary. Exception in thread main java. Add '@Async' to any spring bean method. I tried many experiments, write spring doc spring doc, (write questions in this site) But still not understand the full picture. threadCount. Global [email.
  2. 前言前两天做项目的时候,想提高一下插入表的性能优化,因为是两张表,先插旧的表,紧接着插新的表,一万多条数据就有点慢了 后面就想到了线程池ThreadPoolExecutor,而用的是Spring Boot项目,可以用Spring提供的对ThreadPoolExecutor封装的线程池ThreadPoolTaskExecutor,直接使用注解启用使用步骤先创建一个.
  3. スレッドプールはシステムの使用するスレッド数の管理を支援するものです。適切に調整されたスレッドプールは,アプリケーションが無理なく.
  4. Spring Bootでパフォーマンス関連の設定をする機会があったので、メモしておきます。 私の仮説も含んでいますので、その点はご了承ください。 随時ブラッシュアップしていこうと思います。 現時点では、同時実行接続数に関する設定が..
  5. Spring @Async annotation allows us to create asynchronous methods in spring. Let's explore @Async in this tutorial on spring framework.. For a brief, when we annotate a method of a bean @Async annotation, Spring will execute it in a separate thread and the caller of the method will not wait till the method is completed execution. We will be defining our own Service and using Spring Boot 2 in.
  6. The Executor MBean type represents the thread pool created for use across multiple connectors. The ThreadPool MBean type shows metrics for each Tomcat connector's thread pool. Depending on how you are prioritizing server loads for your applications, you may be managing a single connector, multiple connectors, or using an executor thread pool to manage another group of connectors within the.

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  1. Spring boot embedded jettty thread pool maximum size. I want to configure Thread pool size for my application which is using spring boot embedded jetty server. Below is the code snippet i am using. I want to know what is the maximum thread pool size I can set for the embedded jetty server and is it the correct way of configuring it? @Bean public Embed... spring-boot . August 2015 Sumit Tiwari.
  2. Common application properties. JHipster generates a Spring Boot application, and can be configured using the standard Spring Boot properties mechanism. Those properties are configured at generation-time by JHipster, and often have different values in development and production modes: learn more about this in our Profiles documentation
  3. - 스프링 부트 환경에서 Tomcat 설정 및 성능 검토하기 | 시간이 지나서 글을 다시 읽어봤는데, 너무 잡다한 내용의 글을 써놨었네요; 제목은 스프링 부트의 임베디드 톰캣 인데, 막상 스프링 부트 톰캣 관련 내용은 많지 않고, 쌩뚱맞게 TCP, Close_wait 등 의 내용이 포함되어있네요. 결론도 애매하고, 암튼.
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Java Thread pool represents a group of worker threads that are waiting for the job and reuse many times. In case of thread pool, a group of fixed size threads are created. A thread from the thread pool is pulled out and assigned a job by the service provider. After completion of the job, thread is contained in the thread pool again For WebFlux (spring-boot-starter-webflux), Reactor Netty is the default embedded server. Having a default embedded server is really handy, but sometimes you need to deploy your application to an existing application server such as Wildfly, JBoss EAP or Tomcat and, for that, you need a deployable WAR file. Preparing your Spring Boot app to deploy it to JBoss Wildfly. All the code in this post. · Open this project in your favourite spring boot or java editor · Open pom.xml file and add the below jedis dependency. Jedis is the client library in java for Redis. It is light-weight and easy to use. But, there are other popular client libraries(i.e. lettuce and Redisson) are also available to connect with Redis which offers some unique features like thread safety, transparent. 'id' 속성으로 제공한 값은 풀(pool)에서 스레드 이름의 접두사로 사용한다. 'scheduler' 엘리먼트는 비교적 직관적이다. 'pool-size' 속성을 지정하지 않았다면 기본 스레드풀은 하나의 스레드만 가질 것이다. scheduler에 다른 설정 옵션은 없다. 26.4.2 'executor' 엘리먼

Dashboard for Micrometer instrumented applications (Java, Spring Boot, Micronaut) Last updated: 2 years ago. Start with Grafana Cloud and the new FREE tier. Includes 10K series Prometheus or Graphite Metrics and 50gb Loki Logs. Downloads: 75961 Here we used @Configuration annotation to config the spring beans of ExecutorService, we setup three types of beans: fixedThreadPool: A fixed sized thread pool based ExecutorService to run threads with fixed size, the size is 5. singleThreaded: A single threaded thread pool based ExecutorService, it run all the task with only one thread The executor's thread pool should be unbounded or set appropriately for the expected use (usually, at least one thread per connection). If multiple channels are created on each connection, the pool size affects the concurrency, so a variable (or simple cached) thread pool executor would be most suitable Spring boot thread pool. Introduction to Thread Pools in Java, Quick and practical guide to different ThreadPool implementations in Java and Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:. The Thread Pool pattern helps to save resources in a multithreaded application, and also to contain the parallelism in certain predefined limits

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The optimum size of the thread pool depends on the number of processors available and the nature of the tasks. On a N processor system for a queue of only computation type processes, a maximum thread pool size of N or N+1 will achieve the maximum efficiency.But tasks may wait for I/O and in such a case we take into account the ratio of waiting time(W) and service time(S) for a request. In both cases if thread terminates, new thread will be created. Difference ExecutorService returned by newSingleThreadExecutor(), can never increase its thread pool size more than one. ExecutorService returned by newFixedThreadPool(1), can increase its thread pool size more than one at run time by setCorePoolSize() of the class ThreadPoolExecutor

Ask questions Spring boot : Thread pool for serving requests on Management port We are using spring boot actuator for exposing liveness and readiness endpoints when running in kubernetes cluster. By default spring boot actuator exposes the end point on the default standard http server port where the request are served by Tomcat/Jetty server acceptor and worker thread pools

Tomcat thread pool size spring boot Tomcat thread pool size spring boot ThreadPoolExecutor và nguyên tắc quản lý pool size. Java 215. spring 76. spring boot // OUTPUT /*.. pool-1-thread-3 Finished process request-96 pool-1-thread-5 Finished process request-97 pool-1-thread-4 Finished process request-98 pool-1-thread-8 Finished process request-100 pool-1-thread-2 Finished process request-99 pool-1-thread-6 Finished process request-102 pool-1-thread-

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  1. g threads handling HTTP requests are the only threads using connections). Your application may need more if it experiences very high throughput such that it can't turn connections over to new.
  2. Hibernate default: 1. c3p0.max_size: Maximum number of JDBC connections in the pool. Hibernate default: 100. c3p0.timeout: When an idle connection is removed from the pool (in second). Hibernate default: 0, never expire. c3p0.max_statements: Number of prepared statements will be cached
  3. In this episode we are going to refactor the code and configure thread pool, the detailed video includes- Existing code refactoring- Configure thread pool in..
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  5. Steps to configure undertow in spring boot application. Step #1 : Exclude spring-boot-starter-tomcat dependency from spring-boot-starter-web. Step #2: Add spring-boot-starter-undertow dependency in spring boot. Improve response performance we can compress server response, here is an article to compress undertow server response
  6. Here we used @Configuration annotation to config the spring beans of ExecutorService, we setup three types of beans: fixedThreadPool: A fixed sized thread pool based ExecutorService to run threads with fixed size, the size is 5. singleThreaded: A single threaded thread pool based ExecutorService, it run all the task with only one thread Setting queueCapacity to 0 mimics Making statements.
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Configures the core thread pool size. queueCapacity. 100. Configures the capacity of the queue. keepAliveDuration. 20 [ms] When the number of threads is greater than the core, this is the maximum time that excess idle threads will wait for new tasks before terminating All Languages >> Java >> Spring >> thread pooling in java thread pooling in java Code Answer. thread pool java . java by Cloudy Cockroach on Nov 19 2020 Donate Comment . 0. By default, Spring will be searching for an associated thread pool definition: either a After all implementing asynchronous code is rather unusual for some Java I've run two load tests where I compared reactive code with imperative code. calling MyBean#runTask() thread: main Running task thread: pool-1-thread-1 -- exception handler -- java.lang.RuntimeException: test exception @Async on class. Spring boot thread pool. Introduction to Thread Pools in Java, Quick and practical guide to different ThreadPool implementations in Java and Guava. This article is a look at thread pools in Java - starting with the course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2:. Thread pooling is possible in spring boot application with some configuration in application properties. In. Global Impact International. spring boot thread pool executor. Posted 14 December 2020 14 December 202

When using a thread pool per connector, Tomcat does not reclaim threads in the pool, so if you see a large spurt of requests once, this can increase the number of threads in the pool for the entire lifetime of the Tomcat server. When using an executor, the maxThreads setting is defined at the executor level. In such a case, Tomcat administrators need to monitor the thread pool activity and. This is a result of the active threads momentarily closing connections faster than they are opening them, causing the number of idle connections to rise above maxIdle. The best value for maxIdle for heavily loaded system will vary but the default is a good starting point. Parameter Default Description. validationQuery: The SQL query that will be used to validate connections from this pool. Java 5 has introduced new concurrent API called Executor frameworks to make programmer life easy. It simplifies design and development of multi-thread applications. It consists of mainly Executor, ExecutorService interface and ThreadPoolExecutor class which implements both interfaces i.e. Executor and ExecutorService. ThreadPoolExecutor class provide the implementation of thread pool

Spring Boot uses Tomcat pooling tomcat-jdbc by default, and follow this sequence to find the connection pool : # HikariCP settings # spring.datasource.hikari.* #60 sec spring.datasource.hikari.connection-timeout=60000 # max 5 spring.datasource.hikari.maximum-pool-size=5 6. @SpringBootApplication. Spring Boot console or CommandLineRunner application, accept arguments to perform either. Verwenden Sie zum einen den Thread-Pool ThreadPoolTaskExecutor. 1. Konfigurieren Sie application.properties. async.executor.thread.core_pool_size=50 async.executor.thread.max_pool_size=100 async.executor.thread.queue_capacity=100 2. Erstellen Sie eine Thread-Pool-Konfigurationsklass This property controls the maximum size that the pool is allowed to reach, including both idle and in-use connections. Basically this value will determine the maximum number of actual connections to the database backend. A reasonable value for this is best determined by your execution environment. When the pool reaches this size, and no idle connections are available, calls to getConnection. Hibernate 5 c3p0 Connection Pool Example. In this article, we will show how to use c3p0 connection pooling in hibernate applications. C3p0 is an open-source JDBC connection pooling library, with support for caching and reuse of PreparedStatements .Hibernate provides support for Java application to use c3p0 for connection pooling with additional.

Connection pooling is based on an object pool design pattern. Object pooling design pattern is used when the cost (time & resources like CPU, Network, and IO) of creating new objects is higher. As per the Object pooling design pattern, the application creates an object in advance and place them in Pool or Container. Whenever our application requires such objects, it acquires them from the pool. Add the Spring Boot 2 Starter of Resilience4j to your compile dependency. The module expects that org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-actuator and org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-aop are already provided at runtime. If you are using webflux with spring boot2, you also need io.github.resilience4j:resilience4j-reactor

Redis Lettuce integration with Java Spring Boot. This will be a brief article on how we had to integrate a Redis-based cache for one of our client's services. The idea was to have CRUD repositories for some of the most requested entities and reduce the load on a third party provider we were using at the time. The issue was a common one: we needed to do a vast number of calls to this provider. Spring Job Scheduling using TaskScheduler (XML Config) In this post we will see how to Schedule a job in Spring using Spring Task Scheduler with XML configuration. Annotation based configuration is explained in Annotation based scheduling configuration post. Let's get going. Following will be the final project directory structure for this. Does adding the 'precise' tag to daggers break anything? Is there such a thing as too inconvenient? Why were movies shot on film shot at..

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(bool)Set to true to use the NIO thread pool executor. The default value is true. If set to false, it uses a thread pool based on a stack for its execution. Generally, using the executor yields a little bit slower performance, but yields a better fairness for processing connections in a high load environment as the traffic gets queued through a. 关于线程池队列大小调优疑问 - 版本6.4.2 想咨询一下 threadpool.index.queue_size以及threadpool.bulk.queue_size这两个值 默认大小 分别为300 和 50 我不明白的是 这个队列值的单位是M?还是比特 还是其他 搜索了很多资料都未.. [SPRING BOOT] 스프링부트로 개발하기 6 - ThreadPoolExecutor 사용 SpringBoot의 @EnableAsync 어노테이션을 이용해서 Async ThreadPoolExecutor를 사용할 수 있다. Bean 등록 자체는 java.util.concurrent.Execu. Spring Cloud adds support for Spring MVC annotations and for using the same HttpMessageConverters used by default in Spring Web. Spring Cloud integrates Ribbon and Eureka to provide a load balanced http client when using Feign. 7.1 How to Include Feign. To include Feign in your project use the starter with group org.springframework.cloud and artifact id spring-cloud-starter-openfeign. See the.

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The pool size is the option which determines how many queries may be run using the same connection in parallel, similar to the number of lanes in a tunnel. An incorrectly set value for this.

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